NONG KHAI หนองคาย WEATHER สภาพอากาศ

Will the number pass ours?

From Thairath, March 6, 2021
Title: Will the number pass ours? [meaning PM Prayuth is hopeful the death toll in Myanmar will climb to surpass the death toll of the 2010 Red Shirt protests in Bangkok]
Signs held by the people: Anti-coup in Myanmar.
Sign in front of skulls: Crackdown on the people. May-April 2010; 99 died, more than 2,000 injured. [refers to the Red shirt protests in 2010]
Phi Nooring: Who will be crueler?
Mouse: Killing their own people

[This cartoon contends that the government hopes the death toll will pass that in Thailand in 2010. The numbers at top are the daily death took as the junta in Myanmar attempts to stamp out anti-coup protesters.
The hooded man refers to the Democrat Party. Around the 2009 and 2010 Red Shirt protests, this hooded man was used to insist that the Democrat Party was the villain of the protests as the then-protests were intended to unseat the Democrat-led government.]

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