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PBF demands subsidy package for agri sector

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th Feb, 2021 ) :Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) on Sunday urged the government to announce comprehensive package for uplifting the agriculture sector as farmers comprised 65 per cent of this country.

Talking to media here, PBF Vice President Ahmad Jawad said, farmers wanted fixing of the minimum support price (MSP) per maund (40 kilograms) of wheat at Rs 2,000 and sugarcane at Rs 300, in addition to setting a flat electric power rate of Rs 5 per unit for agri tube-wells, subsidies on seeds, fertilizers, and other expenses borne by thema as they The farmers, he added, have had a tough 12 months, which affected the food supply chain, especially fruit and vegetable growers. While the coronavirus pandemic posed a unique challenge to the entire world, Pakistani farmers also had to simultaneously cope with their annual nemeses, climate change and water scarcity, as the drought further exposed Pakistan‘s agricultural fault-lines.

Ahmad Jawad said that food sector of the country faced worst crises over the past two years, adding that wheat and sugar crises were caused by the private sector’s illegal profiteering. He was of view that no country could progress without facilitating the farmers.

He mentioned that performance of agriculture sector declined particularly after the 18th Amendment because of lack of uniformity in policies, funding and expertise among the provinces.

He stresses that a pro-farmer enabling environment was imperative to make agri sector globally competitive and for the purpose the sector needed to be given back to Federal authorities.

The 18th Amendment, he said, made food and agriculture predominantly provincial subjects while food security and exports were in federal domain.

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