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Mae Sot immigration chief transferred after inmate escape

A girl was allegedly kidnapped by a group in the Isaan province Amnat Charoen. She was found with tied up and her was mouth stuffed with paper.

The girl says a teenager approached her and offered candy. She said she wasn’t hungry and that she didn’t have money, but the teen allegedly replied that it was okay and he had snacks in his car. When the girl got to the vehicle, a group of people tied up her hands and feet, and stuffed paper in her mouth, Thai media reports. The vehicle did not have license plates, and apparently came from out of town. Thai media says the car was driving around the village for a while.

The girl’s grandparents noticed the child had been gone for a while and went looking for her. After searching for her, they contacted the village chief and an announcement was made on the village’s speakers.

When the alleged kidnappers heard the announcements about the missing girl on the loud speakers, they dropped the girl off and drove away, Thai media reports. Villagers who heard the announcements helped search for the missing child. She was found with her hands tied up with a sweater, her feet tied with electrical wire and her mouth stuffed with paper.

“Villagers believe these types of gangs kidnap the children for sale and is a big part of human trafficking in Thailand.”

Thai media did not report on any arrests or possible suspects.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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