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Kabul Says ‘Still Not Sure’ Whether Taliban Have Intention, Authority to Make Peace

KABUL (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 27th October, 2020) The Afghan government has many doubts about the Taliban‘s intentions and independence, despite peace talks in Qatar, National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib told Shamshad tv.

“We are still not sure whether the Taliban have the intention and authority to make peace,” Mohib said.

The Afghan authorities, he noted, need to ensure that another war would not be imposed on them after a potential peace deal and that all Taliban factions would stop fighting.

“We have doubts about their independence, we think that the Taliban are not independent in their decisions,” Mohib stated, adding that “if Taliban did not have foreign donors, they could not have fought so long.”

According to the official, the government is waging a “defensive” war, as it reacts to Taliban‘s attacks.

“The Taliban‘s war is for power, the Taliban want 100 percent power and authority in their hands, the Taliban want to take over the leadership of the government by force and impose themselves on the people,” he argued, saying that a government overthrow was “not the solution.

The national security adviser said that about 200 Talibs who were released from prisons “have returned to the war and some of them have even taken over the command and district responsibilities.”

The government, he asserted, has “the capability and manpower to fight a war of attrition,” but still attempts to “figure out how to stop the war” and is open to talks.

As for the US troop withdrawal, the official believes it poses no threat to Afghanistan, as “the Americans are no longer involved in the war and the Afghan forces are leading the operation and training.”

“In some areas their assistance is needed, such as the Air Force, American cooperation continues, the process of purchasing aircraft for the Air Force is underway,” he added.

Kabul is making the necessary preparations, so that there is no vacuum created by the US departure, according to Mohib.

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