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Bangkok in “State of Emergency” for 1 month, PM warns about possible curfew

For the next month, Bangkok will be in a “State of Emergency” with a ban on public gatherings of more than 5 people. If protests persist and get out of hand, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has warned today that the government will invoke a nightly curfew, prohibiting people from leaving their homes during certain hours.

It should be said, that even though this decree is now in place it is unlikely to impede any of Bangkok’s day to day traffic and activities and you shouldn’t hesitate to visit the capital if you’re in the country and plans for doing so. We will be able to keep track of any planned protests and keep you alert of any places to avoid.

The order, imposed early Thursday morning at 4am, led to the breaking up of a pro-democracy demonstration by police armed with riot gear. Protesters started at Democracy Monument on Wednesday early afternoon and headed towards Government House to set up camp in an effort to pressure Prayut to resign. More than 20 people have so far been arrested and face charges of violating the emergency decree and holding an illegal demonstration.

In announcement from the cabinet secretariat office, the emergency decree was issued because leaders of the group “Khana Rassadorn 2563,” which means “People’s Party 2020,” violated public gathering related laws and incited unrest, noting the complications during the royal motorcade which was happening along the same route as Wednesday’s protest.

The rally also affected measures to contain the coronavirus, the announcement said, adding that another outbreak would affect the country’s “fragile” economy.

The emergency decree didn’t stop people yesterday. Thousands, possibly 15,000 to 20,000 (there’s no official head count), gathered at Ratchaprasong intersection to continue the protest that had been shut down at the Government House.

Protesters planned to gather at Ratchaprasong intersection again today, but police have blocked the road.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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